Welcome To Quick Stop Food

Open since 1994, family owned and operated

Every person wants to eat fresh and stay healthy that’s the purpose we enter in this business. We have focus on how to grow fresh vegetables and serve our customers best eatables. All the growing process of vegetables is done without using any harmful chemicals.

Our main aim is to provide best quality products to our customers in less amount. We also have import/export facilities for our customers who wants vegetables from us but located at far places.

We have fresh lunch meat, and cheese cut fresh by order

4 Piece Chicken Tender Platter

Mozzarella Sticks

Quick Stop Mega Breakfast

Turkey Club Sandwich

Quick, easy, its got good stuff and made to order food. I like it so much I bought the T-shirt.

menace m.

I am in here every day. It is the best. Here are my ratings. Ignore some of the asshats and junkies that linger.

Brock C.